The Idea

1. Short Summary (UPDATED AS OF (11/8/13)

This documentary will engage an entirely new generation, spurring greater support, and enhanced appreciation for classical music.

November:  Launch Kickstarter Page, Website, and Trailer.

Fundraising:  Campaign will run 35-45 days through the end of 2013.

Pre-Production:  January – February 2014; casting characters, researching, planning, etc.

Field Production:  March – July field production schedule, following characters, exploring the symphony evaluation process, and auditions.

Post Production:  July – September; editing, color, audio, story building, etc.

Project Completion:  Late 2014


2. Project Description: Characters and Setting

Your contribution will help fund the production of this film. With your help we plan to continue researching and casting the most dynamic and interesting musicians we can find. We are looking for people who demonstrate an incredible desire to earn a seat in one of the countries top symphony orchestras. Utilizing our current contacts at the Curtis School of Music, the Juilliard School, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, we plan to cast three characters that each embody the spirit of an elite musician.

As our resources expand over the coming months, the idea may expand to other popular, big name orchestras around the country.  In addition, an international character could be casted since the number of international musicians coming to America for auditions is increasing every year.

The funds raised here will allow us the budget needed to follow, explore, and record these stories for the project. The production fund will also allow our team to explore the inner workings of today’s symphony orchestra’s, following the selection process, evaluation, and ultimately the audition. The world of classical musicians has never been properly documented and we believe that or team is in an ideal position to bring this story to life. Our goal is to engage an entirely new generation with insight and enhanced appreciation of what an elite musician goes through to gain a seat in one of the top symphony orchestras.


3. Risks and Challenges

Our team is comprised of highly experienced production professionals, and we understand that unforeseen obstacles are a given in film production. Our greatest challenges will be gaining access to this otherwise undocumented orchestral world. The process of evaluation and auditions has otherwise remained a complete secret, but we feel optimistic with our current connections at numerous symphony orchestras and with some of the countries top schools that we will be the first crew allowed to capture the vigorous training, and evaluation that has otherwise remained unseen for hundreds of years.

Other obstacles are with the musicians themselves. Chronicling the lives, careers, marriages, families, failures, and successes of our cast will require time, trust, and dedication on our part. We aim to uncover intimate details of our characters lives so that the audience truly understands their level of sacrifice and dedication. Our team is aware of this obstacle as well and experienced at developing trust through honest, open, and professional collaboration.

These are the main obstacles we foresee in the field production of this documentary. However, the feedback we’ve received from musicians, professors, enthusiasts, and several orchestras has us feeling optimistic that we will effectively document what has never been documented before. With your help we can create a something truly great.





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