The Filmmakers

JAMES JOLIAT, Director, and Executive Producer for Zerosun Pictures, is a four time Emmy Award winning producer, director, and editor.  In the past five years, Joliat has developed Zerosun Pictures workflow to be the most advanced of its kind, utilizing cutting edge software and camera technology.  Having developed his roots producing for Fox Sports Detroit, Joliat has a knack for producing engaging, high quality content and has overseen the production of over five hundred projects – including promotional videos, commercials, and television shows.

KRISTIN BATALUCCO, Assistant Producer with Zerosun Pictures, graduated from Michigan State University where she studied media arts.  Fueling excitement into every project, Batalucco brings passion and fresh ideas into every project.  She has played an integral role in developing The Symphony Project and continues to assist in production and outreach.

DEVON WALTON, Director of Photography, and Senior Editor for Zerosun Pictures, earned a B.S.M in Music Industry Studies from the University of Colorado at Denver.  With over six years experience working in the industry, Walton possesses vast knowledge of camera equipment, lenses, and techniques.  His knack for visual storytelling, and ability to add musical accompaniment make him one of the most gifted editors in the region.

BENJAMIN HARRIS, Animation Director for Zerosun Pictures, has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production from the Art Institute of Colorado.  Harris won the Best Portfolio award in his class and shows an impeccable ability to develop new age graphics and branding with over six years working in the field.  He has developed brand assets for some of Zerosun Pictures biggest projects, including The GoGo Life on YouTube.

MARK BELDEN, Web Development, and Editor for Zerosun Pictures, earned an Associates Degree from The Art Institute of Colorado.  Belden has just over a year of professional experience, filming, editing, and developing both commercial and web based graphic design.  Mark’s ability to work in the field, edit, and develop creative campaigns enhances his ability to do everything production related as he has an understanding of each phase and how it works.

The Symphony Project