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If you are interested in becoming a character for the documentary, or know someone who is a musician in the industry, please contact The Symphony Project using the form below.  

We want to hear your story !  We are seeking 3-5 individuals who will allow us to follow them along their journey as they train and prepare for their audition.

As we are only in the initial stages of crafting this story, research is critical. Our goal is to connect with as many musicians across the country as possible that are willing to share their stories—struggles and successes alike. We would also like to gain insight into this otherwise generally uncharted society of artists and industry professionals.

You can contribute as much or as little as you’d like, and it goes without saying that none of the information given will be divulged unless granted proper clearance at a later stage. This is strictly for the purpose of research and to put faces to stories. We would love to hear from those willing to share, as no story should remain untold.

Contact us using this handy form.

Thank you!

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