About the Film


Our basic understanding of the modern symphony orchestra dates back to the Renaissance.  For more than five hundred years, we have witnessed an evolution in classical music and this continues today.  The purpose of The Symphony Project is to support the arts by bringing viewers inside of a world that is hundreds of years in the making.  We want to tell the story of classically trained musicians and show what they go through in order to earn a spot in one of the countries top symphony orchestras.  This is a story that has been ongoing for hundreds of years and it’s a story that’s never been told.

Based on the compelling article written by Jennie Dorris, (The Audition), The Symphony Project strives to bring stories of the most determined musicians onto the big screen.  It is our hope that this project will enlighten and entertain viewers, while at the same time raise awareness to the true nature of this art form.

Overtaken by the quest for success, The Symphony Project explores the lives of classically trained musicians and their desire to earn a coveted spot in one of the country’s top symphony orchestras.  Sacrifice, dedication, and fear envelop the characters as they work toward the most important audition of their lives.  After a lifetime of training and countless hours of preparation, it all comes down to the audition.  Ten minutes will decide the fate of these characters.  Ten minutes to impress a panel of judges.  Ten minutes to enter the world of elite musicians.


Our mission is to raise awareness and spur a new era of public support for orchestral music.  With stunning images, immersive audio, and gripping storytelling, this journey will take viewers behind the scenes of classical music.  This is a story about the human sprit and the unwavering determination of musicians everywhere.


This documentary will be submitted to film festivals worldwide and seek both web based and theatrical distribution.  Our hope is to have a meaningful impact on the way that America and the world regards the classical music community, inspiring a new generation of supporters.

The Symphony Project is a grassroots effort, relying on crowd-funding to develop a budget for production.  Through the help of classical musicians, arts supporters, philanthropists, and our non-profit sponsor, the Denver Film Society, we’re working together to bring these stories to life and bring the symphony to the big screen.  Click here to find out more about how you can help support the film.