Character Outlines for The Symphony Project

Character Outlines for The Symphony Project

Character Outlines for The Symphony Project

This is evolving as we continue pre-production on the documentary.  If you have any thoughts about who could be a good fit for the filming of our documentary after reading the descriptions below, please contact us through the website!

Choosing and following musicians will be the way in which we will tell the stories to their most riveting potential.  Here are the hopes of our character backstory descriptions:


  • A musician who has worked their entire life, jumping the regional orchestra circuit, vying for a top spot and a big audition with a top 5 orchestra (ex. Detroit Symphony).  They are in their 30’s, their 40’s – they’ve played in smaller orchestras, now they are pushing to land a top spot, win it, and hold it for the rest of their life.  (We may have to follow at least 3 musicians who fit this story line in order to follow someone who wins and another musician who loses.  We need both perspectives).


  • A maverick musician.  What happens to the person who doesn’t want / need to play in a 52 week orchestra?  The ecology of music is much broader and complex than the “majors” alone, so from the standpoint of human interest, artistic innovation and all the rest, the ”other” orchestras are vital and deserve/need/warrant a little bit of the exposure this film promises.  That’s why we intend to follow a musician who doesn’t following the organized orchestra setting, they are a maverick musician pursuing a solo career, an ensemble career.


  •  A musician who is dedicated to the regional orchestra circuit.  They are invested in the smaller community, they need to hold a second job in order to live a comfortable life-style.  They seek out as many contract opportunities as possible, not interested in the allure of a top tier orchestra life style. Maybe this character could still be holding on to the “big dream” – or maybe they have moved on.  But they too are auditioning constantly for more exposure and more stability.


  • A child prodigy.  Full of immense talent but lacks the real world experience.  They have been told their whole life that they are “the best” anyone has ever seen.  We will choose a student from a school such as Juilliard, Curtis, NRO (Breckenridge)… and follow that person as they go mainstream.


  • An international character.  Exploring the life of a musician who comes from another part of the world would be an intriguing story line.  They are coming to the states to pursue their dream, up against the biggest talents this industry has to offer, unfamiliar with the process, the competition and their new environment.  The pressure is extraordinary.  And how do their fellow American musician counterparts react to this


  • Following a soloist for a period of time that has developed a reputation and a following.  For example, what if we could follow Nicola Benedetti for a week as she trains, travels and works with orchestras all over the world?  What type of impact can she have on the future of classical music?  What is her role in the future of classical music?  Why is her role important to orchestras


  • A musician who is global, vying for a spot in a european orchestra.  Completely internationally based.  This will give us an opportunity to see how the industry, the audition, and their world is different from the american musician / orchestra point of view.  This angle will help us explore the origins of classical music.


It is our hope that this documentary will enlighten our audience, showing the bright future classical music has to offer the world.  Sharing the stories of personal sacrifice will allow the audience to connect with the musicians and the orchestras, hopefully fostering a new appreciation and understanding for classical music.

With the help of musicians, orchestras, the unions, music supporters, foundations and the like, we need to use the passion for this industry and create momentum to fund the project.  We hope to show people the art form in its truest nature and show the love for classical music.  The producers of this documentary intend to deliver the most powerful, award winning film imaginable.

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