Update on the Symphony Project

Update on the Symphony Project

August 12, 2013

Hello fellow followers of The Symphony Project!

Things have been moving along.  Over the last two months, most of the internal work we have been doing is getting the approval, support and partnerships with the three main union organizations.  It’s very important we have the support of all three so we can utilize their resources to spread the idea and get that unprecedented access into the lives of the musicians we follow and the orchestras we visit.

Here are the top three:

American Federation of Musicians (http://www.afm.org)

ICSOM  (International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians, http://www.icsom.org)

ROPA (Regional Orchestra Players Association, http://ropaweb.org)

So the good news is that the project is progressing and our team recently spoke with members of the American Federation of Musicians as well as ICSOM and ROPA. These organizations are the top three orchestral unions in North America, representing the greater portion of all classically trained musicians. Our goal was to inform the unions before moving forward with the project because we recognize the benefit in working together. We intend to set meetings in the near future at their offices in New York and are happy to report that the AFM at first glance seems to share our enthusiasm and vision for the documentary.

The symphony project plans to use the help of the musician unions as well as the connections we have made at the top schools in the country to begin preliminary casting of our characters. We are quickly moving to this phase within pre-production and are looking forward to exploring the lives of our characters. With the grueling work schedules, the rigorous training, and the small window for success, it is vital we find and chronicle the lives of the best of the best. We will report soon on our upcoming visits to the Curtis School and Juilliard with more.

In regards to our Kickstarter, we delayed the launch of it in order to build a stronger audience and foundation.  When launching a Kickstarter, it’s very important that the idea is spread to as many people as possible.  Hopefully the Kickstarter can launch in October.

We should note that we are hoping to receive the majority of funding through private donations.  We have many ideas on how to accomplish this, which after getting the support from the unions, should be much easier and much more attainable for us.  For example, we know that almost all musicians in classical music, especially those competing for spots in orchestras, are subscribed to The Musician (http://www.afm.org/im).

Published monthly, International Musician provides vital news of legislation affecting musicians, audition notices, industry news, features about activism and labor organizing campaigns, and spotlights featuring the activities of their colleagues.

Imagine The Symphony Project taking out a full page advertisement looking for characters, seeking funding, asking for support…  We have many ideas on how to generate buzz, and this is just one of them!

If you are interested in talking to the producers, have ideas for production, wish to support the cause in any way… please email info@thesymphonyproject.com.


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